• Mapping the Journey

    Put the pedal to the medal and turn your dreams into your reality

  • Mapping the Journey is the course for heart-centered entrepreneurs who:

    Know WHERE they want to go

    Are READY to map out their turn-by-turn directions

    Put the PEDAL to the MEDAL

    ...to TURN DREAMS into REALITY


    "..and it doesn't feel like work!" Gina with TinyActs.co after sharing everything she has accomplished in the past 4 weeks with Mapping the Journey



    Mapping the Journey is the hands-on small group course that takes us down old Route 66.


    Drivers find clarity, create turn-by-turn directions and create success by turning their dreams into their reality.


    This course is the right fit for heart-centered women who are ready to take their business from puttering along, with the occasional back-fire, to cruising along at top speed without a bump in sight.


    Do you resonate?

    • Feel like you are 'spinning your wheels'
    • Overwhelmed with long to-do lists
    • Stuck in the 'congestion' of the daily grind and not making progress
    • Always seem to be taking the scenic route with massive construction delays
    • Enjoying the scenery but not getting any closer to your destination
    • Have SO MANY inspiring ideas that that you aren't getting traction on any of them
    • Frustrated with not getting where you wish to go
    • Ready to get clear, find your focus, define your destination, be of service AND get paid well for it
    • If you're nodding like a bobble head, make Mapping the Journey your next ''point of interest."


    "…and just like that I saw clearer skies ahead and discovered each mile (waypoint) wasn’t as difficult as I made it out to be." - Arlene with The Path Podcast


  • Drivers! Start Your Engines!

    Turning Dreams Into Reality

    Define Your Focus

    Clarity in where you are going allows you to get where you choose to go. Our Drivers get CLEAR on what they want, where they want to be and how they choose to get there.

    Identify Your Waypoints & Overlooks

    Waypoints give us the 'where to next' while the Scenic Overlooks provide the perfect opportunity to look back over how far we have come and celebrate the WINS along the way.

    Scope Out Potential Hazards

    Hazards come in many ways, shapes and forms. By knowing what may come up, we turn the unexpected into the expected. When we are prepared for things to pop up along the way, hazards won't bring things to a grinding halt.

  • Going the Distance

    Women in Mapping the Journey have found profound clarity around not only their chosen project, but in multiple areas of their business and life.

  • The Course:

    Our Drivers are taken through their paces to be prepared for their adventure down old Route 66.


    Our drivers will map out their:

    • Starting Point
    • Destination
    • Waypoints along the way
    • Scenic Overlooks to look back and see how far they have come
    • Obstacles
    • Road blocks
    • Flat tires
    • ...and everything else that may pop-up along the way

    Our Drivers:

    Mapping the Journey is a virtual road trip for heart-centered individuals.


    Our heart-centered DRIVERS resonate with one of the following:

    • Entrepreneur
    • Business owner
    • Coach
    • Trainer
    • Artist
    • Side-hustlers
    • In business for herself but not by herself (direct slaes, mlm, home parties, etc)
    • Dreaming of starting her own 'thing' and ready to turn her dreams into her reality
  • Driver's to the Ready

    Choose the Option that Fits You Best

    Deuce Coupe

    Our Duece Coupe drivers balance the need for speed while stretching their travel funds.


    Package includes:

    • (4) live classes
    • (4) Hot seat sessions (after live classes)
    • (4) 'pit crew' sessions live with Katy. (pit crew sessions = drop-in office hours)
    • (4) live coaching sessions with individuals
    • 'Top-off' sessions between classes
    • FB Community access.

    Starting line: Saturday, July 8, 2023

    Calls: Monday @ 1PM EDT

    Registration: $247

    High Octane

    The Driver that is ready to pull out all the stops to take their dreams to reality with the full support of their coach bringing out their very best.


    Package includes:

    • (4) live classes
    • (4) 1:1 coaching sessions with Katy
    • FB Community access.

    Starting line: Saturday, July 8, 2023

    Calls: Tuesday @ 1 PM EDT (New York City time)

    Registration: $888 / Maximum Drivers: 6

  • FAQ;s


    What type of drivers step into Mapping the Journey?

    Our drivers are business owners, entrepreneurs, cottage industries and women dreaming of 'bringing in more' into their own lives through a side hustle or full time business of their own.


    While are drivers are diverse, they tend to resonate with the following qualities:

    • High vibing
    • Positive and optimistic
    • Supportive to other women
    • Share the space graciously with all
    • Tend to give more than they receive
    • Communicative and open
    • Seeking a group of like-minded women to share triumphs, the 'oops' moments, and cheer each other to the finish
    • Ready to work collaboratively
    • Understand that we are NOT in competition with one another
    • Kind-hearted
    • Ready, willing and able to build each other up
    • Willingly offers a hand up to assist another woman on her own journey
    • Takes responsibility for herself
    • Shows up for calls and coaching sessions because she knows there is value in being present and engaged
    • Engages in the community in both giving and receiving
    • Does the work
    • Knows that love is love
    • Respectful and inclusive of all cultures, religions, spirituality and faith -- asking questions to learn to bridge the gap and better understand
    • Chooses to continue even when things are outside of her comfort zone
    • She feels the fear and does it anyway ...with the loving support of her community!

    What if I can't make the live classes?

    Not a problem! All classes are recorded and shared within the Facebook Group. You will still receive the same insight, materials and comraderie by being a part of the Facebook Group.

    Do I have to do the 1:1 coaching to make this work?

    No, you do not need to do the coaching to make this work. All the material is provided to all our drivers.


    The private coaching allows you the personal time to get clear on each and every aspect, have the personal accountability and talk things through with a 'professional driver' that can guide you in getting out of your own way, to stop spinning your wheels and go further faster than you ever imagined.

    What is the 'Pit Crew'?

    The Pit Crew is online office hours where you may drop in for additional support, get your questions answered and share a little comraderie with fellow drivers. Timing will be announced during the first class with the preference given to the time block with best availability for all interested in dropping by.

    This sounds amazing! ...but I'm overcommitted right now.

    I get it. We, as women, are juggling lots. If this timing is not right for you, that is okay. There will be future courses. You may be assured of being the first to be notified when the next session is announced by sharing your interest here.

    When is the private coaching offered?

    I coach on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9am - 5pm EDT. Your 45 mintue coaching session will be booked during that time. The same day / time will be held for you for the 4 weeks of the course. The calls are held on Zoom and may be audio only or video. Your choice.


    All coaching slots are offered on a first in, first choice. The sooner you register, the more options you have.

    Reach out via the contact me on the About page if you need to know availability before registering.

    What if I sign up for the course only and decide I want coaching after the course begins?

    If there is space in my coaching roster, you may book individual sessions during the course.